Medical Transcription Training


We truly understand that students who are interested in MT training are willing to take medical transcription not just as a hobby but to earn a living with a well-deserved designation and highly paid career. Keeping this in mind, we have designed a special program to get them trained in the comforts of their home and make them ready to face this competitive world. Our unique training program helps every candidate to directly get selected into any of the MT Company of his/her choice with expected salary.
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What's Included?

We never charge anything else other than the stated fee. The below-mentioned stuffs are provided absolute free of cost with your enrollment.

  1. Hardwares including Foot Pedal, Amplifier, and Headphone.
  2. One Medical Transcription Textbook.
  3. Softwares DVD including all Medical Transcription-related softwares.
  4. Phone calls or any executive visit (if required).
  5. Tuition fee and/or miscellaneous expenses.
  6. Certification fee and placement charges.

Is it Possible?

Of course it is possible to complete medical transcription training at home without ever visiting our setup. Our unique training methodology is designed keeping in mind the unavailability of a good medical transcription training institute in every locality. We are into our ninth year of existence and have taught all our students in the same manner. In today's world when everything is going online, why should medical transcription training be any different.

Moreover, we are not just any other MT training institute that has developed some kind of software or web site from where everything can be learnt and no personal interaction is permitted. We care for our students. We know that learning capacity may differ from individual-to-individual; and therefore, we believe in manual training with teachers available round-the-clock. We take all the responsibilities starting from enrollment till placement to make sure all the students be treated equally and be provided with the best of MT training.

Certification & Placement

After successful completion of MT Training, the students will be provided with a certificate valid all over India. This certificate will help you acquire in-house or home-based medical transcriptionist job. All student-related information are kept with us and any type of verification will be duly replied. Performance grades will be reflected in the certificate and the student always has the option for re-examination in case of dissatisfying results.

We do not guarantee job placement but this fact is further supported by the fact that more than 90% of our students are placed through our references. After or during training, the potential candidates will be assessed; and if they meet our criteria, we will have them join in our in-house or home-based network. Otherwise, the students will be provided with adequate referrals or details of companies according to their preferences. Overall, our only target will be to facilitate our students with a well-deserved and highly paid job.