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We fully appreciate the fact that well-trained and committed personnel with exceptional work ethics make all the difference in a service industry like Medical Transcription. At SSS, our people are the most valuable resource and they continue to add to our success. Experienced and qualified Medical Transcriptionists trained in understanding American accent provide accurate transcriptions as per AAMT standards. All our transcriptionists undergo a regular skill upgradation process through periodical Audio/Visual skill upgrading techniques. Our transcriptionists are mainly from Biology background resulting in recognizing and understanding of medical terms naturally. Under our in-house Training Institute, each candidate has to go through a 31-week training program conducted by experienced professionals. Only after successfully completing a stringent test of capabilities, a candidate is selected as a Medical Transcriptionist. Every transcriptionist is skilled with extensive experience in interpreting and typing all kind of medical language in each specialty. Our personnel are technically qualified and are from the medical fraternity, with specialization in their respective fields. While qualified people undertake transcription, experienced Quality Analysts handle final editing. Dedicated specialists on our panel handle typical Specialty assignments.


Our computers have all the software and hardware that helps in doing medical transcription work efficiently and accurately. All the computers are only used for medical transcription purpose and they are up-to-date with latest configuration to enhance clear voice output and a better look to the transcripts. CD-ROM, Floppy Drive, or USB are not available in any station and internet service is provided to only one computer per studio so that exploring and security of healthcare information can go hand-in-hand. Apart from all these, we have blocked unnecessary sites from being accessed and antivirus software is upgraded regularly. High-capacity generators and two high-speed internet connections from different providers are used for a smoother workflow. Easy transfer of audio files and transcribed reports by FTP through our encryption process makes the workflow even more smoother. The files can then be directly printed out, faxed, mailed, or reviewed. The transcribed reports are kept in our secured servers forever and can be retrieved at anytime by providing only the basic information. Access to any of our data information is limited to authorized personnel with a 'minimum need to know' standard. Changes can be made to this procedure as per your requirements and standards.

Key Factor

  1. We believe in exceptional customer service.
  2. We assure timely delivery of client-ready documents.
  3. We understand the importance of quality and turn-around time.
  4. We use technology and resources to reduce your cost of operation.
  5. We are aware of the need for maintaining privacy and security of protected health data.
  6. We believe our carefully designed infrastructure, congenial working atmosphere and above all a charged and committed workforce are our strengths.